About Us

Welcome to our home! At Root & Vine Acres we believe in Transparency, Community, and Quality. Our goal is to produce the best quality of products we can, while having full transparency about our farming practices and supporting our community by partnering with other local businesses.

Root & Vine Acres had humble beginnings when owner Jessica Pinccinin returned to Creston in 2008, and teamed up with her grandmother to grow and sell produce from a five-acre farm in Erickson. Over a decade later (holy cow!) we are located on ten-acres in Wynndel and have expanded our offerings to Pork, Beef, Eggs and so much more! With a strong focus on Berkshire pork, extra specialty Mangalitsa Pork and Texas Longhorn Beef. We sell all cuts of meat from pork chops to roasts, and variety of sausages and dry cured salamis.

With an established bi-weekly (every second week) {Kootenay Loop Delivery Route}, Root & Vine Acres is providing fresh local food to many communities in the Kootenays. Beyond offering our vast selection of products, we have also partnered with other local businesses in order to provide other goods such as Chicken, Lamb, Fruit and Honey. Additional Root & Vine Acres has breading stock in order to supply small farms and homesteaders with piglets to raise themselves, more information about that can be found here.

Our animals are treated with the utmost respect and raised on pasture. We choose local grain, grass, fruit and veggies for their feed and all of our meat is government inspected. We use a master butcher in Kimberly to handcraft small batch sausages and salamis as well as local packaging and labeling supply stores.

The most rewarding aspect of our business is the customer relationships that become friendships developed year after year.

Thank you for supporting us in our passion on our family run farm.

Jessica, Jeff, Tommy and Felix too!