Kootenay Loop Delivery

Deliveries from March to December

Monthly East Kootenay Deliveries

x2 Bi weekly west kootenay deliveries

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From East to West

What is the Kootenay Loop Delivery?

Fresh to your door

How it works

Our customers subscribe to our weekly delivery email list, receiving the Kootenay Loop Delivery email every Tuesday (or occasionally on Wednesday due to unforeseen circumstances) for Saturday delivery. The emails are organized by community and routes, ensuring customers generally receive updates either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on their preference and pickup location.

The email includes a comprehensive list of available products for that particular week. As we partner with numerous local Creston Valley producers, our offerings are abundant, including pork, beef, goat, lamb, chicken, eggs, greenhouse and garden vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, flour and pantry staples, cheese, honey, coffee, spices, and value-added products such as salsas, jams, and other delectable items.

To place an order, customers simply need to reply to the email, and we will send a confirmation upon receiving their order. The order deadline is Thursday at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). After the deadline, we proceed to order from our partner farms and producers on Thursday evening, followed by pickups and order packing on Friday afternoon.

Invoices are emailed late Friday night via Square invoicing, and payment can be made through e-transfer or cash upon pickup. On Saturday mornings, we commence our delivery routes, meeting customers at the designated pickup spots and times listed, all of which are in PST unless otherwise specified. This process is repeated weekly to ensure a consistent supply of fresh, locally sourced products.

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